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Exterior Painting

A coat of paint is one of the best ways of transforming the appearance of your house from the outside and making it look great.

If you want to sell your house it  will greatly help to do this by making first impressions of your property so much better.

Or if you are not planning to sell, a fresh coat of paint will still be a great investment and look pleasing for visitors, people going past and of course most importantly, for yourselves.

Whether your outside surfaces are brick, masonry, pebbledash or something else, we will evaluate the situation and provide the best outdoor paint for your house.

We use the best materials including the highest-quality paints for achieving a long-lasting effect and great durability and protection.



External painting Surrey


We will choose hard-wearing top quality paint that will last you many years, and then expertly applying the paint. We can also order any scaffolding that is required for the job.


We can paint or varnish your decking


We can either varnish or paint any of your fences


We can help sort out any repairs that need doing to the outside of your house

Painted the whole of the outside of our (large) house, and did a great job

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